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LittleBigPeeps offers support to parents, carers, families and anyone else involved in caring for children with additional or medical needs.

You might have a child with a physical disability, a child who is struggling due to learning difficulties, or a child with delayed cognitive development. You might be expecting a child and during an antenatal appointment, it has been identified that there is a problem. You might be trying to cope with a new diagnosis or the fact that currently there is no diagnosis of your child’s health concerns. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with a crisis or a long-standing issue. Coping with any kind of health issue that your child has is incredibly draining and it turns your world upside down. 

Support and advice for parents of children with additional needs

LittleBigPeeps hopes to ease at least a little bit of that burden by giving parents and carers of children with additional, medical or special needs as much support as possible. That support might be practical or emotional but it is available for both short and long-term health conditions.

You can click on the boxes below for articles that offer advice for dealing with a crisis or long-standing situation. You can also join in with the family room forum to chat with other parents and carers who have been through a similar situation or those who are going through them right now. Everyone who uses this website is on a journey through a life that has become a little - or a lot - less ordinary than expected. LittleBigPeeps is here to help you become part of a fantastic support network. Together let’s create something extraordinary.


  • Has your baby been moved to NICU, or has your child recently been admitted to hospital?
  • Are you a parent or carer who needs information or support?

Long Standing

  • Has your child’s condition led to challenges with managing day-to-day life?
  • Are you returning to a new kind of normal and able to offer others support?

Product Review

  • Are you looking for advice on tried and tested special needs equipment?
  • Do you have a product that you would like to recommend?

Please note none of the information on this site constitutes medical advice and you need to use your judgement about any advice or tips you decide to follow or even offer yourself. While we make every effort to ensure all the links and information on the site are as up to date and accurate as possible, please be aware that this is advice based on individual experiences only; no two children are the same and no two sets of circumstances are the same so please use the guidance for support and, we hope, some reassurance but not as definitive medical advice.