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Suspected autism

2 years ago by thelongcutie
My daughter is 2, nearly 3, and is significantly delayed in all areas (mainly due to prematurity and long periods of hospitalisation). As she’s had so much going on in her little life, all the health professionals we’ve seen have said it’s too early to say as realistically she’s more of a 1 year old in a 3 year olds body. There are a lot of red flags though. Is there anything we can be doing strategy wise that anyone has come across who has had an early diagnosis?
reply 2 years ago by katyk
I’d say that regardless of you receiving a diagnosis, and maybe there won’t be one in the future, there is a lot to be said for early intervention with delayed development. You could try and get a session or two with a private speech therapist and an occupational therapist, and they can show you the best things you can be doing yourself at home. I know this can be expensive so you could also look on YouTube and watch videos of speech/occupational therapy sessions with young children.
When I think of all the people that told me not to worry, she will be ok, which then made me delay getting the ball rolling with early intervention, it still makes me feel quite angry! I’m all for being patient with a child’s development, but early intervention can’t harm anyone and could end up being the best thing you did for your child. Follow your gut, mothers instinct is usually spot on. x
reply 2 years ago by Peepsadmin
One mum has suggested the following: Genetic tests are a great place to start as there’s lots of reasons for children to display “autistic” type traits, they cost a lot so try to push for them, 23 and me is another option also on amazon they do self test kits for intolerances and these can be helpful in getting the gp to further investigate. Immune disorders are closely linked to autistic behaviours so they need to insist on tests in this area. The best advice can be found in fb groups or complex kids fb groups. Hope this helps x