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Preparing for an operation

2 years ago by daddypig
Hello, my son goes into hospital for an operation on his airway next week. Do you have any advice on what sort of questions I should be asking and what happens to us during the operation? Is there usually a place to wait? Thanks
reply 2 years ago by rob1
There is a good article on this site. Go to the crisis page and view! Hope this helps!
reply 2 years ago by Peepsadmin
Hi daddypig, check out the article below for help on questions to ask pre op:

While your child is in theatre you can either wait on the ward, go to the hospital cafe or the nursing staff will usually direct you to a room to wait for your child and then you will be invited into the recovery room once your child is out of theatre and stable. This seems to be standard practice but it may vary depending on your child’s circumstance or the hospital you are in.

Hope this helps xx