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Carer’s Support

2 years ago by thelongcutie
Hi, I have a meeting coming up where the community nurse and another team member are coming to assess our needs. Is there anything I need to do prior to them coming other than hoover and dust around? 🙈 Any info from anyone who’s had one of these assessments about what to expect I’d love to hear your experience 🙂
reply 2 years ago by mummypig
You could document the things you do in a week, like a carers journal, describing what your and your child's life is like on a week to week/ day to day basis, including hospital appointments, daily meds, daily caring duties to keep your child in good health and happy. Don't forget to include your daily chores and whether or not you are keeping on top of routine/ normal life.

You could also write down your weekly To Do lists, if you are anything like me this is the only way things get done/ not done!?!

Include the support you have at the moment : family/ friends/ existing paid or funded care.

Don't be afraid to admit if you are struggling in your caring role or admit that you are completely knackered! It won't result in them thinking you are not fit to look after your child, it will just help them in the creating the right package of care for you to carry on being the best parent and carer you can be.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.
reply 2 years ago by rob1
Really handy tips!
reply 2 years ago by pringles4me
Don't be afraid to talk openly about your life and situation. At ours I kept going off on a tangent and felt stupid at the end of it for telling them so much, but in the end it worked out to my advantage. They were able to see the gaps in our life/ caring role and they suggested help that I didn't even know I could get or would be funded for that matter. I.e. they gave me two additional hours a week direct payments for domestic help. It was agreed that I could use this to pay a cleaner. Amazing! ...but it will mean you will have to dust before they get there..not!