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Sign Language

2 years ago by daddypig
Hi, does anyone know how to find local info on teaching kids sign language. My son has a tracheostomy and we want to learn. Heard Makaton is good?
reply 2 years ago by nancy123
Makaton is amazing and helped us communicate with our little girl and vice versa. It saved a lot of heart ache, not to mention frustration. You can find out more about the benefits of signing by going to the Makaton Charity website. Here's the link for training near you,
reply 2 years ago by lisa-jane
In our area we have east lancs deaf society. Most areas will have some service they do family sign sessions for free and this is British sign language. My son had a tracheostomy and is profoundly deaf we have chosen to go with bsl instead of makaton as makaton is simple signs and not a language where as bsl you can have a conversation some things also cross over into makaton too. Makaton is a good basis to start. Plenty of resources online and books can be bought too to start yourself off. Also courses are offered by places like open door and sure start centres. Hope this helps.
Lisa x