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Tips for feeding

2 years ago by daddypig
I've been trying to help my little boy to learn how to eat solid food. Is there a way of encouraging kids to eat solid food without it being too stressful? Any tips welcome
reply 2 years ago by rob1
Don't put pressure on yourself. Just start off with small portions and try a few times a day. Rather then full blown meals.
reply 2 years ago by nancy123
A our speech and language lady told me to start off with a really low and achievable target for both myself and my child. So my child wouldn't get overwhelmed and I wouldn't be constantly disappointed when they didn't eat as much as I wanted her to.

So I started off with one spoon of the Ella's Kitchen pouches as our aim, and attempted this three times a day (for each meal) and then used her peg to top up on milk. When she did ok with this I upped the amounts of spoons per meal and it went from there. It was very, very gradual though. My advice, be patient. Very patient!