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DisabledGo Accessibility Checker is an Accessibility Checker for the UK. The website has a database of detailed information about the accessibility to a range of places across the UK, including parks, public toilet facilities, leisure centres, libraries, restaurants, tourist attractions, shops and much more.

So far over 125,000 places have been included and each one has been visited and assessed by a trained surveyor; so you can get all the facts knowing someone has been there and checked it in person.

Every facility included on has its own Access Guide, with details of parking, entrances, toilets, together with measurements and photographs. As well as information about physical access the website also provides details for people with visual impairments, hearing impairments, autism, dementia, learning disabilities and mental health conditions.

Designed for ease of use, visit to use the search boxes to find something specific in your area, or if you want to have a general look around, you can use the map and region search tools on the ‘Places to Go’ page.      can help with the planning of your outing, and go some way to reduce the stress of day by giving you the reassurance that when you arrive at your destination a toilet will be functional for your needs. And let’s face it peeps, it’s all about the toilets!